Saturday, June 17, 2017

Singing Tips Live with Benita Charles: Ask the expert, Carolyn Jones!

Carolyn Jones and Benita Charles in New York City

Singing Tips Live with Benita Charles: Ask the expert, Carolyn Jones

On this episode, we had a special guest/author, Carolyn Jones talk to singers about self care the holistic way. It was very enlightening and educational.

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About Carolyn Jones:

Carolyn Jones is the author of "Pick Up Your Bed and Walk: A Self-Care Guide to Improved Health.

She is the founder of the Qi to Go Project. The company services focus on soul retrieval as a lifestyle, the importance of detoxification and the art of self-care.

Carolyn is a holistic health consultant/practitioner who educates clients about the importance of holistic self-care, stress elimination, pain management and alternative healing modalities.

Best wishes to you as you take your voice to the next level!

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Good times: Having fun with the lovely, Carolyn Jones!

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