Sunday, August 21, 2016

Singing Tips by Benita Charles Music - Tip #16

NY-Vocalist, Benita Charles shares singing tips for beginner singers.

Singing Tips by Benita Charles Music - #16

Here are 3 ways to stay motivated when you are discouraged:

I. Remember your "why."

    1) What is the reason you became an artist? Know why you're pursuing a music career.

    2) Find a reason greater than yourself to share your music to the world.

    3) Write down your reason and refer to it often.

II.  Take a break:

    1) Sometimes, it help to get away for the hustle and daily grind of the work it takes to be an artist.

    2) Get it touch with nature. Go to a park or a garden and let nature refresh your soul.

    3) Return to your art after a break and you will have a fresh perspective.

 III. Get creative with your approach:

    1) Experiment with different ways to pursue your art. You can look at ways the major artists do and put your own twist on things.

    2) Create your own opportunites. Start your own show. Start your own podcast.

    3) Find your unique voice and brand yourself in all your marketing and promotions to set yourself apart from the pact.

I hope this is helpful. Your feedback is welcome. Best wishes as you take your talent to the next level! 

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Singing Tips by Benita Charles Music - Tip #15

 Benita Charles Music at Central Park (NYC)

 Singing Tips by Benita Charles Music - Tip #15:

Engage Your Audience

There's nothing like the feeling of the love from the audience during your performance. That's when you know you're fully engaged. When you give your all, the audience returns the love back to you. It's one of the most incredible feelings you will have during your performances.

Here are 3 steps to help with audience engagement:

1) Be confident in your performance
   A) Know and connect with your song you are performing. You will be less nervous if you know what you're doing and how you will perform the song.
   B) Know your message. What are you trying to convey to the audience.

2) Keep your back story to yourself
   A) You don't have to tell the audience every detail that happens to you off stage. Keep the drama to yourself.
   B) Don't highlight your mistakes. Oftentimes, mistakes go unnoticed, especially if you don't point them out.

3) Always put your heart and soul in every performance
   A) The more love you give to the audience during your performance, the more love you will get back. It's called being in the zone!
   B) Whether there's one person in the audience or 1,000 people, always give 100%. You never know who's listening.

Best wishes to you as you take your voice to the next level!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Special Thanks to all who supported the Shrine Show on August 13th!

A special thanks to all who attended last night show at the legendary Shrine in Harlem! It was such an awesome show and the amount of love we received during and after the show as astounding! I'm so grateful to be a music maker and healer of hearts.  I watch first hand how our music change people for the better and make them happier. I am so grateful for this gift!!

Thanks to the Preachermann & The Revival Band for always bringing the great music to the fans. It is so fulfilling to share the share with you and bring so much joy to people. PATR Band: Ed Holley, Amnel Holguin, Joe Paldino, Nick Paldiono, Karl Watson and Tom Pope - you rock!

Thanks to the Shrine for always making us sound great and for having us at this legendary Harlem establishment.  It's always a pleasure performing there.

I am so grateful for all the new friends we met especially, the lovely Dawne Martin-Thomas, Janet Rucker, Koto Ishida, Jason Taylor and a host of others.

The spirit was high and the love was great - The Preachermann & The Revival Show - you have to see it to believe it!! Shalimar!

 The Preachermann and The Revival Show - Aug 13th @ The Shrine

 The Ladies of Preachermann and The Revival: Benita and Amnel

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Singing Tips by Benita Charles Music - Tip #14

Benita Charles Music at Marcus Garvey Park (Harlem)

Singing Tips by Benita Charles Music - Tip #14: 

 Singing with Live Musicians vs. Singing with Tracks

Most live venues would rather singers perform with live musicians. One venue owner told me it was more professional.  There are some gigs where tracks are permitted. Always check with the venue to confirm with the preference of the person who booked you.

 Singing with Live Musicians

  • Allows for greater flexibility with song arrangements.
  • Helps you create your own performance style.
  • Helps you become a leader as a live performer.

Singing with Tracks
  • Cost effective on smaller gigs.
  • Practice with the tracks so that the performance will go smoothly.
  • Ensure the track is in good working condition before the show.

Best wishes to you as you take your voice to the next level!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Preachermann and The Revival return to The Shrine on August 13th!

Bringing the heat: On Saturday, August 13th, Preachermann and The Revival return to the legendary Shrine in Harlem with his band, The Revival for a soulful set of atomic soul!

Come join us for a night of sonic libations.

Let's us elevate you... Entertain you and feed your mind and spirit. The show will set your soul free.

Preachermann and the Revival will BBQ your soul!

What sets him apart from his peers is that his sultry brand of neo-soul is not only fresh, it is fearless; not merely sensuous, but conscious. And unlike so many modern soul artists whose work is weighed down with clich├ęs, he has an uncanny knack for clever wordplay that bridges the serious side of life with the levity that makes it livable. The title track to his 2006 LP, Negroes Stay Crunchy in Milk, is but one shining example of Preacher’s capacity to skillfully and seamlessly blend prophetic lore with ironic metaphor to make timeless music that crosses broad boundaries without selling itself out.

You won't want to miss this event.

Come ready to dance, sing and release!!

The Preachermann and The Revival Band:

Ed Preachermann Holley, lead vocals

Benita Charles, background vocals

Amnel Holguin, background vocals

Ari Kessler, piano

Joe Paldino, guitar

Nick Paldino, bass

Karl Watson, saxophone, violin

Manny Montanez, percussion

Tom Pope, drums


Performance Details:

Saturday, August 13, 2016 - 10:00 pm - 12:00 am
Preachermann and The Revival
The Shrine

Shrine Bar and Restaurant

2271 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd (134th Street)

New York, NY 10030

(212) 690-7807




Saturday, July 30, 2016

Singing Tips by Benita Charles Music - Tip #13

Singing Tips by Benita Charles Music
 Tip #13: How To Handle Technical Difficulties and Interruptions

*Remain calm.
Things sometimes happen during a performance. It could be a technical problem with the equipment or some other problem beyond your control. It's best to keep your cool and assess the situation.

* Act Professional.
 It's best to be courteous to the technical staff that are working on the problem. They are doing the best they can. Acting rude doesn't help the situation.

* Think of creative ways to handle the situation.
Work the crowd during the interim. Depending on what the problem is, you can make it a part of the show.

I hope these tips are helpful. Best wishes to you as you take your voice to the next level!

-- Benita Charles Music

"Spreading love through music for your inspiration and entertainment!"

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