Friday, June 9, 2017

Image is Everything!

Benita Charles in New York City

Image is Everything: Putting it all together

 "Image is a reflection of being yourself." -- R3hab

Today, your Image is the number one commodity that you have to your success.  It is the first thing people will see when they discover you - before they hear your music. That's why it's imperative that your image is impeccable in how you look, what you say and what you do! 

Image Section:

1) Your Appearance (Your Brand)
  • Know who you are & celebrate what make you unique and use it to your advantage 
  • Put your best foot forward in how you look, dress and carry yourself 
  • You must look good at all times
  • Find your own personal style in your brand.
  • Be consistent in all you do with your image (on social media, print and marketing materials
 2) Your Communication (Your Message)
  •  As an artist, what do you stand for? What message is your music conveying? You must be clear with your answers to these questions
  • Are you properly communicating your message consistently? Do your fans "get you?"
  • It is important to be clear and consistent with your message.
 3) Your Behavior (Your Reputation)
  •  Are you an artist of integrity?
  • Can people count on you to follow through with your commitments? Do you show up on time?
  • What you do is more important than what you say
 Questions to ask yourself:
  1.  What kind of image to you want to convey to the world?
  2. How do you want to be remembered?
  3. What do you want your image to consist of (eg. classy, rebel, activist, diva, etc.)
  4.  Does this image reflect who you are?
 "Your image is more important than your music" by Brandon Seymour

"Why is image so important" by Cathy Lemmon
The Artist Development Network

"How is the artist's image important in determining their success?"
"Finding an image as a musician"

Best wishes as you take your talent to the next level!

Much love,

Benita Charles Music

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