Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Singing Tips Live Show celebrates a successful year!

Benita Charles in New York City

The Singing Tips by Benita Charles Show celebrates a successful year!

On Sunday, April 9, 2017, NY-Vocalist Benita Charles celebrated one year of giving beginner singers tips to become professional singers with her live-internet based teaching series called Singing Tips Live by Benita Charles. The show airs on Saturday evenings at 8 pm on Facebook Live, Periscope and Instagram Live.

It started with an idea and a dream to share her wealth of knowledge of singing to help beginner singers become seasoned and professional while sharing their gifts to the world. While the show focuses on singing and show business, it has become so much more as it has inspired people of all walks of life to live their dreams and perfecting them.

The inspiration behind the show was inspired by the 2014 movie, Get On Up (The Story of James Brown), starring Chadwick Boseman and Dan Aykroyd. There was a particular scene in the movie where James wanted to take a more executive role in his career and his manager (portrayed by Dan Aykroyd) said, "This is show business. You take care of the show and I'll take care of the business!" James replied, "No, I will do both." That's exactly what he did. Not only was he the greatest entertainer, the hardest working man in show business and made great music, he was also a shrewd business man. 

The movie inspired Benita to design her show to have a "Show part" and a "Business Part."
"The Show" Part is divided into sections such as Your Talent, Your live Performance, Your Original Music and Your Image. The "Business" Part includes Your Marketing/Promotion, Your Gigs, Your Original Music and Your Business. There are 10 tips in each section. Recent topics discussed include but not limited to equipment every singer should own, performing live in front of an audience, performance tips, writing your own songs and how to find your personal style for your our image.

 In March 2017, the Tuskegee Television network started airing special 15-minute episodes of the Singing Tips by Benita Charles Show specifically designed for the network. The difference with the live show and the shows for the network is greater content. Watch on charter channel 181 in Tuskegee public access station, and on Youtube: Tuskegee Television Network Inc.

In a special broadcast on Saturday, April 9th, Benita Charles outlined how the show as impacted her life and her top 5 favorite episodes of the year as outlined below: 

3 Ways the Singing Tips Live Show has impacted NY-Vocalist, Benita Charles:
The show has brought the fire and desire back to Benita's life.

The has made Benita aware of the wealth of knowledge she has gained through her performance journey.
 The show has allowed Benita to help and inspire others to live their dreams.

Benita's top 5 favorite Singing Tips Live Shows of the Year:

1) The Expert Shows

Minister Angelia Williams Episode: Your Live Performance Section - Tip #19 (Always use a set list), aired September 10, 2016

Key Takeaway: Your gift is divine and you must share it because someone is waiting to hear it.

About Minister Angela Williams:

Minister Angela Williams is from Deerfield Beach, FL. By day is a Senior Director Customer Service Operations for a publishing company. In life, she ministers women and children.  She is the president of  the Women's Auxiliary for Florida East Coast Baptist Association. It's the largest association in Florida and the fourth largest in the nation. She is also the founder and director of A Girl and Her Pearls, a girl's ministry.

Azania Noah
Episode: Your Original Music section - Tip #22 (Songwriting - Choose your topic), aired October 29, 2016

Key Takeaway: Azania used her experiences and self-expression in her music to reach her audience and it worked.

About Azania Noah

Azania Noah is an international recording artist, seasoned live performer and the founder of Singer Elite community. She recently launched the Singer Elite Academy. For more information, visit:

Roxie Seigle
Episode: Your Image section - Special Show on Style, aired March 5, 2017

Key Takeaway: Be yourself and express yourself through your personal style

About Roxie Seigle

Roxie Seigle has a love for all things beauty related. She is a licensed cosmetologist working as a freelance hair stylist and she owns her own salon in New York City. Roxie can be contacted through email at

Nadine Dillon of D-Naz Jewelry
First Business sponsor of the style episode with Roxie Siegle:
Nadine Dillon of D-Naz Jewelry, custom-jewelry (

2) The Audition Show

Episode: aired March 4, 2017

Key Takeaway: Do it anyway, even afraid. Even if you think you're not enough, you have to complete the task.

3) The Prince Tribute Show

Episode: aired April 30, 2016

Key Takeaway: Prince lived his life like every artist should. He had a rich life with a wealth of original music/recordings, he was a phenomenal life performer and a shrewd business man.  He was the one of the first artist to release his music exclusively online through his own record label.

4) Protect Your Voice - Singing Tip #12 with teenagers as co-hosts

 Episode: Your Live Performance section - Tip #12: Project your voice when you sing, aired July 25, 2016

Key Takeaway: Make interruptions work for you. I made the teenagers my co-hosts.

5) Best singing tip of all time: Singing Tip #8 - Share Your Gift To the World

Episode: Your Talent section - Singing Tip #7 - Share Your Gift To The World

Key Takeaway: Share your gift to the world. There's someone who will be inspired by it

 "A special thanks to all of my fans for your support of my show! 
                        Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am so grateful to you!!" -- Benita 

Monday, April 3, 2017

Singing Tips by Benita Charles Music - Tip #36

 Benita Charles in New York City

Singing Tips by Benita Charles Music - Tip #36

Your Image: Your Behavior (Your Reputation)
Today, we discussed your reputation and ways to enhance it.  

Your Reputation are the beliefs and opinions that are generally held about someone or something.

3 ways to improve your reputation:

1) Dependability
-- Are you dependable? Do you show up when you say you will?
-- My grandfather use to say, "Your word is your bond!" Can people count on the words you say?

2) Punctuality
--Are you on time for your appointments and engagements? Do you value other's time? Do you allow for enough tine for your appointments?
--The famous coach Vince Lombardi was known for his punctuality. He coined the phase, Lombardi time (always arrive 15 minutes before the event). If you're your early, your on tine.  If you're on time, you're late.

3) Self-Discipline

--Self-Discipline is the ability to control and motivate yourself, stay on track and do what is right - even when you don't feel like it.
--Improve your self-discipline and you inprove your chances of success.


For this week's Singing Tips by Benita Charles Show, I received a free makeover at the Bluemercury Cosmetics Store in Tribeca, New York City by a lovely lady named Jennifer Byers. She was a representative of Bobby Brown Cosmetics. I was very pleased with the results!

Best wishes to you as you take your voice to the next level!

Much love,

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