Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Resolutions 2016: Focus (Back to the Basics)!

Have you started your New Year's Resolutions for 2016?

New Year - New You: 6 Tips for Making a Great New Year's Resolution.

This year I'm trying something different.  I teamed up with some close friends (accountability partners) and we wrote our resolutions this past weekend (before January 1st). This is a great thing because that means I'm working towards my goals before the start of the new year. This way, I'm already in motion towards my goals for the new year. We plan to check on each other during the course of the new year to track our progress.

I am believer in new year resolutions (goals) for the new year.  I feel they give you something to look forward to and to work towards during the year.  My problem with resolutions are I don't have them in a place where I can see them on a consistent bases and I often get off course during the course of the year. I find myself at the end of the year wondering what went wrong. To counter this, I've created a goal book where I've printed my goals out and I can refer back to them on a monthly basis.  I've also created a couple of vision boards that I can look at daily to remind me of my dreams and desires.

This year, I also joined the Activate Movement, lead by the chief Activator, Lucinda Cross. From the Activate Conference in Atlanta in September and vision board parties at the Circle of Sisters in October and the (place) above Grand Central Station, I noticed a huge improve in my life and perspective/outlook! It's so empowering to be around dynamic, movers/shakers, phenomenal woman who are striving for excellence and to help others. It is often said that you should surround yourself with great people and people who are doing better than you. I've found this to be very true. Every Activate event was a learning experience and a wealth of knowledge that is invaluable. They have definitely kept me focused. For more information about the Activate Movement, visit:

That's my theme for 2016: Focus (Back to the Basics) - to stay on course and focused on my goals no matter what the distractions/interruptions.

I wish you much success, good health, love, happiness, wealth, prosperity, peace and joy throughout the new year 2016 and beyond!

Much Love,

Benita Charles

"Performing Diva spreading joy and empowering others!"

Highlights from the Activate Movement 2015

                           December 5th Activate Vision Board Party at luxe office building 
(top of Grand Central Station)

October 18th Activate Vision Board Party at Circle of Sisters


  September 18th - 20th Activate Conference in Atlanta


2015 Activate Conference 90s Networking Party in Atlanta

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas from Benita Charles Music!

Merry Christmas!! Christmas time is my favorite time of the year.

On this Christmas Day, I'd like to wish my fans a very special day of love, happiness, laughter, freedom and joy to last for eternity! Today is a gift. Let the spirit of Christmas fill your heart with love!

Thank you so much for your interest and support of my music in 2015. Your encouragement, attendance of my performances and purchase of my music mean the world to me.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

Much love,

Benita Charles Music

"Spreading love through music for your inspiration and entertainment!"

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Thanks to all who attended the Holiday Celebration at IL CAFE LATTE on Dec 17th!

Happy Holidays: A special thanks to all who attended the holiday celebration at IL CAFE LATTE!! It was an awesome evening!!

Awesome night: My Pre-launch of Star Entertainment (Holiday Celebration) at IL CAFE LATTE last Thursday night was a huge success! I couldn't have done it alone. A special thanks to all who contributed to the show: Toastmasters For Entrepreneurs, Marcia Chambers (SpeakerMC), Gaelle Weithers (EAT SKATE ROCK), Margaret Babb (Nature Sure Products), Jim Leroy (Freedom Artist Mangement Entertainment), Carolyn Jones (Qi to Go Project), Jinno Germain (Jinno Enterprises), Klehotas Tshyre Higden (Spellbound Productions), Temecia Jackson (Young Talented and Thriving), Jason Thompson (Pavement-films), Andressa Deane (Fashion Authority Palace), Peter Archer (guitarist - Benita Charles Trio), Chao (percussions - Benita Charles Trio), Ed Holley, Gloria Gross, Ken Garner, Ms. Young and  Polo King Skinner of IL CAFE LATTE .

From friend and fan, Se Hee Jo: "Thank you for an amazing show @benitacharles! Twas so nice to see you perform again, such a beautiful voice." #‎musicforthesoul‬ ‪#‎rockstarfriend‬

Event Committee: Marcia Chambers, Benita Charles, Gaelle Weithers and Margaret Babb

More highlights of the Pre-launch of Star Entertainment (Holiday Celebration) at IL CAFE LATTE!

Benita sings original Christmas song, "Christmas Time (My Favorite Time of the Year)" at the show.

Sneak peek (new music): Benita performs "Lessons" at IL CAFE LATTE on Dec 17th.

Monday, December 14, 2015

A Holiday Celebration, featuring The Benita Charles Trio - Dec 17th!

Toastmasters for EntrepreneursEat Skate Rock and Benita Charles present "A Holiday Celebration featuring The Benita Charles Trio," a special fundraising pre-launch event for Star Entertainment New York at the exquisite IL CAFE LATTE in Harlem!

At the show, Ms. Charles will present new music from her upcoming, Lessons EP on her new digital record label, Star Entertainment New York. She will also sing familiar favorites such as "Never Let Me Go," "Round & Round" and "The Freedom Song" as well as new music and holiday favorites!

The show is a special Pre-launch event to benefit NY-Vocalist, Benita Charles' new premium digital record label/production company, Star Entertainment New York. The company will feature the original music and live musical concerts of Benita Charles with more artists to be added to the roster in the future. For more information about Star Entertainment New York, call (212) 802-9249 or email For more information about the artist: Benita Charles, visit: http://benitacharles.comStar Entertainment New York is “Feel good music for the soul!” 

**This event is a Toastmasters for Entrepreneurs' sponsored event.

**Toastmasters for Entrepreneurs is a mastermind forum and club where businesses are referred, relationships are formed and ideas are generated, resulting in increased self-confidence, and enhanced public speaking and leadership skills. For more information, visit:

EAT SKATE ROCK is an underground movement catering to the urban Millennial counter culture. We are a creative collective of foodies, hipsters, skateboarders and independent music artists. EAT SKATE ROCK is the champion of the underdog and provides the stage for starving artists to connect and expose themselves to the world through showcases and various media outlets. Visit us online at or call 347-974-0847 for more information.

**Join us for light fare (appetizers), cash bar, holiday fun, good times and feel good music for the soul!

 Tickets $20 / For reservations, call (212) 802-9249. Tickets are available here:

A Holiday Celebration, featuring The Benita Charles Trio! 

***hors d'oeuvres  *** cash bar  ***live music and entertainment!  ***holiday raffle ***holiday fun ***good friends ***good times!!

IL CAFE LATTE is located at 458 W 145th St (between Convent and Amsterdam) in Harlem, New York City.

Friday, December 11, 2015

The Benita Charles Trio @ IL CAFE LATTE on Dec 17th!

The Benita Charles Trio: Benita Charles (vocals), Peter Archer (guitar) and Chao (percussion). We're ready!!

Join us on Dec 17th at IL CAFE LATTE in Harlem for an evening of feel good music for the soul! ($20)

For tickets, visit:

Thursday, December 10, 2015

People get ready: Benita in rehearsal at IL CAFE LATTE for the big show next week!

Photo courtesy of Margaret Babb of Nature Sure Products

People get ready: Benita in rehearsal at IL CAFE LATTE for the big show next week!

"I'm so excited!! The show is going to be awesome! I can't wait to share my new music and holiday favorites with everyone!" -- Benita Charles

Performance Details:

Thursday, December 17, 2015 - 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

"A Holiday Celebration" - featuring The Benita Charles Trio

458 W 145th St (bet. Convent and Amsterdam)
New York, NY 10031

For reservations, call (212) 802-9249

For tickets, visit:

Sunday, December 6, 2015

A special thanks to all who attended Preachermann's Birthday Concert at the Shrine on Dec 5th!

A Night to Remember: Thanks to all who attended Preachermann and The Revival at The Shrine in Harlem last night. It was such an awesome show and the audience was so engaging!

Preachermann (Ed Holley) was on fire last night!! He's such an incredible artist and I feel so blessed to share the stage with him and my life! A special happy birthday to him and many, many more!! I love him so much! The best is yet to come!

A very special thanks to Andrew Kerr for opening for Preachermann. It was a great set! Your voice was incredible and I really enjoyed your songs and story. You can find his music at

A very special thanks to the Revival Band for a slamming set (Ari Kessler "Joe Team Leader" on keyboards, Joseph Paldino "Clean Papa Joe" on guitar, Karl Watson "The Rock" on saxophone and violin, Nick Paldino "Mr. Soulfly" on guitar and bass, Tom Pope "The Pope of Brooklyn" on drums and Manny Montanez "Music Making Manny" on percussion)! You men brought it last night! The music washed over me and set my soul free. It was incredible! For more information about Preachermann and The Revival, visit:

A special thanks to the Shrine for always making us feel welcomed during our residency this year! It's a great venue and we're so happy to be there!! Looking forward to returning in February 2016!

There were so many new faces last night but they thoroughly enjoyed the show! It was so nice to meet Tara, Fara (who was overjoyed after the show) and Ron (a teacher in the Bronx who said our music brought us back to the old days when he was in a funk band)! This such a huge validation of the impact our music has.

Thanks to all our fans for your continuous support!! Looking forward to rocking again with Preachermann & The Revival in 2016! Happy Holidays!! Stay crunchy and Shalimar!