Saturday, February 10, 2018

New Music: "Oh How I Love You" featured on The Young & The Restless - Jan 23rd!

Over the moon: One of our songs, Oh How I Love You, was featured on the Jan 23rd episode of The Young and the Restless!! I can't describe the feeling of hearing yourself on TV. It's unreal! A special thanks to Themi Kyriazis of Metronome Music School, Warren Grant of Tay Tay Productions, Dan Stein and Beth Wernick of Imaginary Friends Music Partners! It was definitely a team effort!! 

(Here's the link: - Click on the top video and go to 30:30 to hear the song) 

I've always wondered what it would be like to hear my song on the radio. Well, this is better than the next best thing!!  I'm so excited!!! I just can't hide it!

A special thanks to all my fans for your continued support of my music!!

Much love,

Benita Charles

"Spreading love through music for your entertainment and inspiration!"

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