Thursday, July 13, 2017

Singing Tips Live: The Recap Show (Your Image) - Part 1

Benita Charles at Central Park, NYC
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Singing Tips Live by Benita Charles
The Recap Show (Your Image) - Part 1

"Image is Everything!"  That is the theme of the "Your Image" Section of the Singing Tips with Benita Charles Show.  Nowadays, your image can be more important than your music in some cases. That's why it has to be impeccable.  

Your image consists of your appearance, your communications and your behavior. Once you sharpen those areas of your image, you will be unstoppable.

In this show, we reviewed the 10 tips in the "Your Image" Section (Tips 31 - 40).

"Your Image" Section
Tip #31 Image is everything
Tip #32 Self Image/Self Care
Tip #33 Your Appearance 
Tip #34 Effective Communications (verbal, non-verbal and written)
Tip #35  Your Communication: Your Message
Tip #36 Your Behavior (Your Reputation)
Tip #37 Your Behavior (Time Management)
Tip #38 Your Behavior (Self Discipline)
Tip #39 Your Behavior ( Self Confidence)
Tip #40 Your Behavior (Self Esteem/Self Worth)

 Best wishes to you as you take your voice to the next level!

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